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Reader Services


Circulation Policy:


Borrowing: New students, new faculty members, and those who borrow for the first time must fill out the STUST Library Readers’ Statement of Rights and reply to the system via the registered email address.



STUST Library E-mail Updates Conditions *


The Library Query System offers two e-mail settings and sends e-mail notifications based on your setting, including advance return notice, overdue notices, reservation notifications, etc. Please make use of it.

Please be informed that readers’ personal records are based on the personal loan record at the Homepage of Library Collection Queries. Do not rely on e-mail notification only.



Renewal Services:


Renewal is allowed on the second day of borrowing without any limit; yet, renewal is allowed once a day. The new expiration date starts from the date of renewal, not to exceed a maximum number of days for borrowing (e.g. undergraduate students are allowed 21 days, up to a total of 63 days) before the due date. 



Online Reservation Service


1. When a book or reference you require is found to be in a cataloging process or to have been borrowed, or still in process, you can make a reservation online. The library allows reservations only on borrowed ones, and you shall not make reservations on both the original copy and its duplicates at the same time. When the book or reference is returned, the library service system will automatically send you an E-mail a notification. 

2. Reserved books will be kept at the service center for seven days; notification will be sent to the reader who has made the next reservation.



Book Drop


A book drop is set up to make it easier for readers to return books when the library is closed. It is not for overdue books, children's books (from the 12th floor), large-sized books, multimedia information, and any additional parts; otherwise, claims will be made to readers based on any damage to the book or reference. On the other hand, the number of books returned and the time of the return are registered based on the record of service personnel; the number of books allowed to borrow is based on the system records.



Data copying and printing services


Please buy a photocopy card at the service counter at the 1st floor



Electronic resources class (electronic databases, electronic journals and e-books ):


Free training is offered free to 10 or more people as a class



Rooms and equipment:


1. Study room and discussion room: please register with the room at the service counter at the 1st floor.

2. Exhibition Hall and the entrance space: please refer to the "Use of campus venues" on the Web site of the Office of General Affairs.

 Book and Journal Search service:

 please fill out the application form at the service counter at the 1st floor.
   Interlibrary Services:

 Document Delivery Service (Interlibrary Services) and intercollegiate book loan service.
   Multimedia Audiovisual Services: