Library New Arrivals in July

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Dear teachers and students,

STUST Library is proud to announce the new arrivals each month. Come by and check out our new materials.

* New Books List in July 2019. (http://webpac.lib.stust.edu.tw/F?func=find-c&CCL_TERM=%28WNB%3D201907%3F%29&CON_LNG=ENG)

* You can browse the new arrival information by clicking on the tab of “New Books List” in STUST Library WebPAC. (http://webpac.lib.stust.edu.tw/F?func=file&file_name=find-c-na&local_base=topnb&CON_LNG=ENG)

* Click on RSS link to get and copy the address of RSS to subscribe to the news of new arrivals coming in 7 days. (http://webpac.lib.stust.edu.tw:8080/nbr/reader/rbn_rss.jsp)

You can reserve “In process” items and we will inform you to check it out in 3 to 5 working days by E-Mail. We hope you like our services and welcome all of you to utilize our facility and resources.

Sincerely yours,

STUST Library
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