“Library’s Wednesday Cinema” Movie List for 2018 Second Semester

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Dear All:
In this Semester, we prepare many fantastic and FREE movies for you ! STUST Library’s “Wednesday Cinema” will play one movie every Wednesday afternoon in our Multimedia area 12th floor. In this semester, many famous and attractive films such as “Beauty and the Beast ”, “Fast & furious 8 ”, “Your name”,“The shape of voice”, “Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Men Tell No Tales” and so on are in our playing list. Please check out our library website for the ” Library’s Wednesday Cinema” Movie List. http://lib.stust.edu.tw/tc/node/movie

Welcome to see our first movie : “Beauty and the Beast ”
Date/ Time: March 7, 2018/ 15:00 PM
Place: Library 12th floor “Movie Appreciation Room”

One of the movies in the playing list “Wonder Woman 3D ” which playing on April 11, 2018 is cooperate with the Division of Counseling & Guidance for "Education for Life" activity. Please pay attention to the information.

We hope you like our Wednesday Cinema selected movies and welcome all of you to utilize our library multimedia facilities.

Best wishes,

STUST Library
發布日期: 2018/03/01 至 2018/03/30